Wednesday, February 27, 2013

IMPORTANT REMINDER! Change your bank passwords

My wife and I have 3 bank accounts and today I learned that one of them has less than $4 in it, another has just over a $1 and the third has $12.71. Where did all our money go?

It appears that someone has emptied our accounts and all because we weren't watching them close enough AND haven't changed our password, which was the same for every account, for over 3 years.

When you contact the banks, you're told the money will be returned but you have to file a police report and be able to prove that it wasn't you that emptied the accounts. If you can do that, the banks will return your money into your accounts but it could take up to 6 months. It seems that a lot of people are saying that someone stole their account information, emptying the accounts, and it was really the people themselves.

PLEASE: Change your password often, never check your bank accounts on a shared computer and check your balance at least every Monday to see that no unauthorized activity has taken place.

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