Monday, February 11, 2013

Interesting Blogs from Modular Home Builders

Always on the lookout for interesting news and tidbits, I've had the pleasure to read some interesting blogs (other than this one) about modular commercial and residential construction. There are more than the ones listed below, but these will give you an idea what builders and factories are doing.
Here are some of the more interesting ones:

The Home Store's blog
Andy Gianino is the president of The Home Store and writes with insider knowledge that is important for the modular home buyer.

U S Modular blog
A west coast builder that has a super high customer rating.

Handcrafted Homes blog
I like this factory blog. Not a whole lot of articles but kept current and interesting.

Modular Musings blog
This was one of my favorites but there has been nothing added since July '12. Still has a lot of interesting stuff to read.

Blue Ridge Log Cabins blog
Chip Smith, the president of the company, loves log homes.

Triumph Modular Commercial blog
Here's where one learns about the commercial side of modular


Monte Pearson said...

Thanks for showing us these blogs. I have looked at The Home Store blog before and always found interesting comments and info. Glad to have my judgement confirmed. These other blogs are also top notch - you should do a top ten list of their ideas.

Coach said...

I've been thinking that a list of builder blogs would be a valuable addition to this blog and you just confirmed my thoughts.
Look for a listing of blogs within the week.