Monday, February 4, 2013

Is Your Sales Manager a Failure?

We’ll all seen bad modular home factory sales managers. Some are so obvious that you have to wonder who hired them and how long until they are fired. Others hide in plain sight behind their desk and it takes a while before the factory owner realizes that maybe the reason sales are down is because of him/her.

The Bad Sales Manager
Yes Virginia, there are good sales managers out there and fortunately they outnumber the bad ones. 

This is a list of ways to spot a potential bad sales manager before the factory loses sales staff and builders.
  • They are jerks. They are insensitive, selfish, ignorant and cocky people who are inconsiderate and do stupid things. Actually, this sounds like a cousin of mine. Maybe I could get him a job at your factory.
  • They make your life complicated. They will ask for detailed sales reports and hold you up and ridicule you to the rest of the staff if you don’t have everything completed on time. They ask for reports and projections that take up so much of your time that you end up forgetting appointments and calls.
  • They resist learning anything new. Their way has worked for decades, why change now? Social media is something they jump on when nobody is looking and post their latest vacation photos. It’s not somewhere the factory should have a presence. That’s too much work.
  • They don’t share what they know with others. Training is unnecessary in their eyes. OJT is the best teacher because they don’t want to do it themselves. “Sink or swim” is their motto.
  • They do the least amount necessary to look successful. They take credit for the hard work to land a new builder, a developer or a major project.
  • They are always looking out for #1. If it wasn’t for their efforts and expertise, the modular factory would be out of business. They always make sure that every action benefits them first.
  • They always blame someone else. It’s never their fault they lost the best sales rep the company has ever had…”He had a bad attitude.” It’s never their fault they lost the company’s best builder…”He was too demanding when it came to service issues.”
  • They make promises they never intend to keep. “I didn’t promise you that.” How many times have sales reps heard this one?
  • The builder is someone they have to put up with. Builders should always go through their sales rep before they will talk to them. If they have to talk directly to the builder, why would the company need sales reps.

I’m sure I’m missing a couple of other ways to spot the bad sales manager but if yours fits even one of these, maybe it’s time to look for another one….quickly!

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