Monday, February 25, 2013

Modcoach 92 - Blu Homes 0

Just about everywhere I visited on the Internet the last couple of weeks I've been blasted with banners and logos from Blue Homes wanting me to click through to their website. Knowing that they have $ millions to spend on marketing, I decided to click on the banners every time  saw one. I know I missed a couple here and there but at my last count I have clicked on their ad 41 43 92 times since February 18th.

Assuming that in order to buy onto some of the sites I visited, every click through must have cost them $30 or more. That makes their investment to get my attention over $1,200! And guess what Blu Homes folks, I have no desire to buy a folding home from you. If you want to save money, may I suggest going to "Donation" button on this site and I will no longer visit your site as I think I have enough information OR email me at Modcoach and I'll give you a better rate than any of your other outlets for an ad. Either way you 'll save money.

Can't wait to see what they do!


Jimmy Treaster said...

You crack me up. Blackmailing Blu Homes is so cool. I think I'll start clicking on their ads too. Keep clicking away until they pay! LOL

Anonymous said...

Jimmy and Modcoach think they are so funny but this is why the cost of manufacturing a Blu Home is so high. It's guys like you that will cost the Blu Home buyer more money. Paying $400 a square foot is bad enough without you adding another dollar or two to the cost. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...


You are clearly upset that Blu Homes has not chosen to advertise with you, but can you comment on the quality of their structures? Blu Homes has caught my interest because of the metal frame and "modern-ish" appearance. Can you recommend some other metal framed modular homes? Blu Homes has a slick website and advertising so I'm wondering if there's something better that I'm missing.

Coach said...

If you've been reading my blog for any time, you know that I don't hold west coast prefab homes in the high regard as some people and while the idea of having Blu Homes advertise on my site is inviting, they obviously couldn't care less whether I like them or not.

I have never heard a bad word about their quality and that means a lot in the prefab and modular industry.

deep throat said...

Coach, all you need is to speak with some old employees of BLU to get the real story. They look good from the outside, but, look deeper.

deep throat