Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Modular Home Dealer Stiffs Customers for Over $1,000,000

Delays, setbacks and added expenses are just part of the process when it comes to building a new home. But a group of local homeowners say their problems went way beyond that; they call it fraud.

They all hired a Cape Cod based company, RDA, Realty Development Associates to build them a modular home. They say company owner, Don Shulman, demanded large amounts of money up front and left them with homes that lacked basic necessities like heat and water.

A total of seven families, all told the same story. Together the homeowners estimate they are out well over a million dollars. Rumor has it that he might still be taking deposits for new homes. Criminal charges were entered against him and the homeowners are waiting to see how that turns out.

Westchester Homes in Wingdale, NY, one of the largest modular home manufacturers in the east, severed all ties with RDA immediately upon hearing from his customers that their homes weren't being finished. Westchester will honor all warranty service for the components they produced.

5 comments: said...

very unfortunate story. mainly because it only makes the dealer look bad, the manufacturer look bad, modular look bad ... and no real insight as to how it happened.

Coach said...

RDA was hit hard by the housing recession and when it started to turn around last year, the owner offered discounts to buyers that would pay for their home in full up front. Then he ordered the homes, buttoned them up and walked away apparently pocketing the money.

I've heard that he is buying from another modular factory but can't find out which one.....yet.

I'll keep working on this story.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me where you found the info on the criminal charges? My family is currently under contract with RDA. Are you telling me that they are stealing my family's money??

Anonymous said...

He was buying from Keiser Homes in Maine, who I've heard has now dropped him - No confirmation on that. Who knows where he'll pop up again -

Anonymous said...

He is going for bankruptcy now, Westchester homes dropped him, he then went to Affordable Modular homes, who has also dropped him, he has been seen doing a home in Freetown, MA recently but word to the wise, be extremely careful, lawsuits are still pending on him and he has still not paid several people nor finished their homes. RDA was quoted by Dons lawyer as having no money. He has been doing this fraudulently for well over a year now.