Saturday, February 9, 2013

Reinventing the Mobile Home

If Clayton Homes or Champion Homes would ever consider building a folding manufactured home, this is the one I would choose.

Like most of the 'prefab' homes that the treehuggers like, this one is only available as 3D CAD drawings. No need to actually build a prototype anymore.

Check out the solar panels that are built into the design. And if the neighbors in the trailer park get too rowdy for your taste, simply fold it up and move on. It would also make a nifty camper!


William Bobbitt said...

C'mon Gary - I know you wrote this with tongue in cheek!

Anonymous said...

Too many moving parts for Champion to build and maintain any functionality.

Mannymanbo said...

Please, please, please stop the "treehugger" comments. You have used that term (and a few others) to the point that you remind me of some talk radio pundant.
I guess I need to change the channel.

Coach said...

Please give me an alternative, less offensive term to use that instantly conveys the far left, extreme green movement and I'll gladly use it.
Sorry that the term has offended you.

Anonymous said...

Mannymanbo, there is a website called Treehugger and they have some of the craziest sh*t you've ever seen about green.
Coach calling people on the "far left, extreme green movement", treehuggers is OK with me. Get a life.

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cheap mobile homes said...

Are you sure we can turn this 3d concept design into reality? Is it workable? Feasible? Economical? I think it is but needs some more modification / simplification.