Tuesday, March 12, 2013

An Example of What a Modular Factory Can Produce

I was sent these floorplans by Bill Garnett, of a custom modular house that his Garnett Design Group in Seattle WA has designed for clients in Tazewell CountyVA.  The house is the center of an estate design that will be built on a 26-acre parcel.  Among other building accoutrements for the project is a 3100 sq. ft. Victorian horse barn, a 1-1/2 acre lawn with formal English garden, a 700 sq. ft. green house and fern grotto, etc. 

The project is a total of 8600 sq. ft. (7760 sq. ft., conditioned) built with seven modules, two micro modules for the turret extensions and two push-out bays.  GDG is working with the modular factory in determining the feasibility in building the basement portion of the project from pressure-treated wood.  If feasible, the conditioned basement space can be executed with two more modules (for a total of nine) using a Permanent Wood Foundation (PWF) building system.  The modules act as the foundation walls and are back-filled to complete the basement.

They have introduced their clients to a Southeastern modular factory that would be capable of building such a custom modular home.  An experienced custom master builder will be the general contractor.  As soon as the house goes to production, I will let everyone know which factory is building this gem.

Other features of the design are:
  • Design is based on an 1880’s Victorian Greek Revival house that the clients photographed in Key WestFL.
  • The completed house will meet all criteria for a LEED Platinum sustainability rating.
  • Hybrid BITERS (Building Integrated Thermal Electric Roofing System) photovoltaic (PV) roof tile solar collector system, generating 24 kilowatts (KW) power, about 70% of the total power needed to run the house at “full tilt.”  The metal battens for mounting the PV tiles will be fitted with tubing that, when filled with water, will thermally heat the water for a radiant floor heating system.
  • State-of-the-art wireless AV, media, and in-house communication and mechanical control systems.
  • Icynene (or equal) expanded foam insulation system with whole house ventilation and hepta-filter to meet American Lung Assn. (ALA) requirements for interior air “Health House” rating.
  • 500 sq. ft. Orangery, built on site.
  • Elevator and dumb waiter.


janetbrown said...

This is absolutely stunning, and to think that a Southeast modular manufacturer is going to build it. I'm sure the architect has been working hand in hand with the modular's engineering department so that everything will fit exactly. A major undertaking for this company.

I heard that HandCrafted Enterprises new President decided to sell two of HandCrafted Homes award winning models to put up lesser quality models, or just leave the small model up for plant tours. Does this mean that they have decided to jump from their custom design work and start to build doublewides and "trailers"? I surely hope not! Sad to think that it may happen after all the great homes that came out of that plant for the last 12 years. I would be so thrilled if this Southeast plant is the one I just spoke of. It would dispel the "rumors".

Randy said...

I have known Bill for a number of years and he is one of the more talented modular designers in the US.

josh margulies said...

Looks like an easy 1 day set, maybe a few hours the next day to button up.

Damn! Impressive!

Alabama Land Surveyor said...

I just needed to say that I found your blog via Goolge and I am glad I did. Thanks again!

Harris said...

Coach - there is no link to Garnett in the article, and when I Google their name in Washington state, I come up empty. Only Epoch Homes has info. Do they not have a website?

Coach said...

I had the same problem. I emailed Bill Garnett about it but haven't heard back yet. This is a pretty big organization and I can't believe that they don't have a website.

Dillard Pulliam said...

Beautiful,Apex Homes Inc has been building a plan home very close to this one.
We built one in 2005, built in Pa.shipped to
N.C., 6 sections,with a flat bed load of porches. View at WWW.apexhomesinc.com
Look under custom sections web page.
We set an dired home in 1/ half day.
Sections fit like a glove.
CHSbuilder. Contractor. Sales.

Steve L said...

I would to see the completed product and hear the accolades of putting it together before judgement.
the Artist renditions and floor plans are award winning until its construction

Anonymous said...

This is a shining example of what can happen when an architect and modular designer/company work together.

PaulJ said...

I am the new President of Handcrafted Homes and I always appreciate those people interested in our company. Handcrafted Homes is committed to remaining a producer of the highest quality custom homes. We are excited about displaying new homes for our fine builders and their home buyers.