Friday, March 8, 2013

Building a Home on Pilings

Since Hurricane Sandy hit last fall, a lot of the news from the east coast has been that thousands of the homes that were destroyed were not built on pilings and the new homes being built must use them.

Many builders from other areas have never had the fun of building a house on top of a bunch of huge poles driven into the sand and earth. Fun might not be the right word but rest assured it is not cheap.

Nationwide Homes recently delivered a home to the Outer Banks of NC for Sound and Shore Builders, a modular home builder that has experience with this foundation. For the rest of you that have never had to use them, here is a great example of how they work and why modular construction is the absolute best way to build a home on them.

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Dan Hobbs said...

To see this done for a number of upscale modular homes, go to . Crane Builders has produced some wonderful custom modular homes on the Mississippi Gulf Coast following Hurricane Katrina.

Also, I can send a video of an eight module, full custom home on poured-in-place piers done by Crane Builders. One note -- we all know the foundation of a modular home must be correct, but the poured-in-place foundations require even more attention so the anchors line up correctly, miss floor joists, etc.