Monday, March 18, 2013

Camden, NJ Charter Schools Choose PBS

Recently I've been hearing that PBS (Professional Building Systems) in Middleburg, PA is already running on all cylinders this year and when I received an email from Scott Lyons, their multi-family consultant, I knew it was true.

He just told me about a huge project for Charter Schools in Camden, NJ that goes into production this May and should be ready for occupancy just before school starts in the Fall. Now that’s one great reason to go modular!

Each of the schools is approximately 25,000 sq ft and consists of 32 modules. If the schools would have been site built, they would have been built by union labor with prevailing rates.

Here are 3D renderings of the finished schools:

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Josh Margulies said...

no one makes a comment? geeze? ok.

Well done to PBS for this gem in nj. that's good! a school is good! Schools are good! I give PBS joy of its good fortune.