Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Huntington Homes - Vermont's Modular Gem

I really have to apologize to the owners, management and employees of Huntington Homes in Vermont. I've known you were up there and have seen some of the really great homes you've built on Facebook but have never really featured you in an article.

With just a quick email to Jason Webster at Huntington, I learned their history and the wonderful work they do in the modular home industry. Huntington Homes was founded in 1978 in a converted airport hanger by Henry Huntington and a group of local builders. At that time, there were no competitors to emulate. No rule book to copy. Just a group of individuals that thought they could build a better home indoors.

Since that time they have built a 100,000 sf shop in East Montpelier, VT and delivered thousands of custom modular homes.

The company has been managed by some of the most experienced people in the modular home business for over 30 years. This level of experience is what shapes their engineering and production systems so that we can consistently deliver the best product to our customers. Most of our sales come by way of referrals from their satisfied customers which is what every factory wants.

Today the company is owned be the Webster Family. Duane Webster has been managing the company since it started in 1978. His sons Jason Webster and Adam Webster grew up around the business and now handle the day to day activities.

I was all set to publish a lot of pictures but chose to include this video about the company that does a better job showcasing the company than I could.

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Anonymous said...

I love working with Jason! The fact that I don't have to go through a "salesperson" every time I have a question alleviates a lot of time and aggravation. They are organized, knowledgeable and they build a great home!