Thursday, March 21, 2013

KBS Modular Helps Trinity College with $25M Project

Trinity College's $25 million Crescent Street housing project in Harford, CT will finish faster and cheaper thanks to KBS Modular in South Paris, Maine.

KBS Modular in South Paris, ME
Trinity College project on the production line
Modular construction cut the three to four month project down to about two and a half months, said Aaron Krueger, project manager for Trinity's general contractor, Consigli Construction Co. Inc.

"All the units need is a coat of paint, flooring, and to be assembled when they arrive," said Krueger, who is working on his first true modular unit build.

Onsite preparations including laying foundations are done simultaneously with unit construction, a time saver not possible with ground-up building.  Additional costs that accompany modular building include unit transportation and giving each room both a floor and ceiling, rather than using one unit's floor as another unit's ceiling. Krueger said the efficient assembly line nature of how the near identical units are made still allows for lower overall costs and higher quality.

The whole Trinity project is being done in two phases; the first includes three apartment buildings with room for 203 students to be completed in August. The second phase includes two apartment buildings with room for 150 students and 7,500-10,000 sq. ft. of retail space. The second phase will be ready for the spring 2014 semester; a semester earlier than originally planned.

Each of these buildings requires about 52 modules that have already started to be shipped to Hartford from KBS’s Maine manufacturing facilities.

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