Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Using PayPal to Buy Your Next Home

Meka World, a small prefab shipping container conversion company in Toronto, Canada is gearing up to sell you a new steel shipping container home. Base prices are listed on their website FOB but what got my attention was that they will accept PayPal as a method of payment. Now that is just too much!

If only Michelle Kaufmann had thought of that, maybe her now closed factory would still be open. And I'll bet that Blu Homes will soon start taking PayPal too. Just think about it. You buy a Blu Homes folding prefab that fits on a common carrier and ship it anywhere in the US and all it takes is about a $250,000 in your PayPal account.

Is this how they build a folding home?
I always thought PayPal was reserved for paying your Ebay or Amazon purchases. Maybe Meka World will start selling their homes on these sites and start a trend.

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Love the folding dog crate picture. Who ever said the Coach doesn't have a sense of humor...