Monday, April 22, 2013

Dickinson Homes Builds an Unbelievable Modular Log Home

When Mario Santoni, the Project Manager for Dickinson Homes in Iron Mountain, Michigan, sent me these pictures of a log home they built, I couldn't believe that it was modular. His company can build just about anything modular and if this doesn't convince you, nothing will.

He explained, "This design is a 3,430 sf hybrid log home that we built modular.  Most people swear that this is a custom stick built home because of the architectural style, number of corners and other features.  These people are in disbelief when they find out it is modular construction.  I normally have to show pictures of this home in our plant in order to be believed.   The same people are also shocked that the move in time frame is about one third of the time they would guess.  I am always happy to help educate people."

Enjoy the pictures of what can only be described as one of the best modular homes I've seen in years:


Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful home. Too bad we don't closer to you.

Anonymous said...

Mario, post some pictures of this home in the plant. I would like to see them.