Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Arcon Group to Reopen Former Penn Lyon Plant in PA

Arcon Group, a commercial modular builder with offices in New Canaan, CT and Hummelstown, PA,  is about to take the big leap into supplying its own modules for what it builds for developers, hotel, housing and other large projects.

The former Penn Lyon plant in Selinsgrove, PA has been standing empty since Haven Homes closed its' doors last year. The facility,  one of the largest modular manufacturing sites in PA, is capable of producing both the steel framed and wood framed modules needed in commercial construction.

Acorn Group's new manufacturing plant in Selinsgrove, PA
Arcon Group has been around for about 10 years with projects all over the east coast. Bud Miller is the president of the company and what is quite impressive for a large company, he lists his company email on the website as the person to contact for information about the company.

There has been quite a bit of speculation as to who would reopen this plant and Arcon Group seems like the best choice. Congrats Bud and welcome to the party!


Anonymous said...

I never heard of Acorn Group. Do they already own a factory or is this their first one? We need more information Coach

Me said...

ACORN or ARCON? It varies at the LinkedIn posting too... Good morning!

Coach said...

It's Arcon. That's what happens when you write an article at 4:00 AM. Acorn was the autocorrect and I didn't catch it until someone pointed it out.

My sincerest apologies to Arcon.