Friday, May 3, 2013

An Ugly $300,000 Shipping Container Home

Dwellings fashioned out of used intermodal shipping containers continue to spread into new places. Their spread is slowed by the resistance of many US cities to altering their building codes. Another thing that is probably slowing their use is that they are butt ugly!

A three story home made of five stacked containers, said to be the first in New York City, finally won approval for occupancy this February. Even though these homes are classified as ‘prefab’, they really don’t fit into the modular, manufactured or prefab housing industry.

It was built by an architecture professor and her contractor husband after their initial plans to build on the 20-by-40 foot site began to look too expensive. A tiny conventional structure was coming in at almost $500,000; the shipping container home cost only $300,000 to build, they say, plus another $100,000 for costs incurred by having to wait and struggle for the approval from the Department of Buildings. It looks charming inside.

It better look charming inside because this home is only one step away from something you would see in the slums of a third world country.


Anonymous said...

It really is ugly.

Unknown said...

uglier or less ugly than the crap surrounding it?
we're used to seeing the other stuff. seeing a container home is only like the first sight of blood.
you get used to it, just like that other stuff.

Anonymous said...

Like color blind people, I think some folks are genetically deficient in the realm of aesthetics. But mostly I think people who build ugly crap like container homes hate other people and enjoy destroying communities and agitating their neighbors.