Monday, May 20, 2013

Keiser Industry's Modules Core of 60,000 sq ft Hotel In Woodstock, VT

Keiser Industries is working on a project with Ruggco, Inc. that includes a hotel, restaurant, bar, gift shop and function areas. The 60,000 square foot facility is located in Woodstock, Vermont.

The owner of the building is from Nairobi, and this project was his first in the United States. This project was also the first time the owner – who develops and builds hotels all over the world – utilized modular construction.

Ruggco, Inc. acted as the construction manager of the project. While they prepared the building site, Keiser worked on the modular components that would make up the finished building. This method integrated modular and traditional construction in order to reduce the cost per square foot and the schedule of delivery. Larry Ruggles, of Ruggco, Inc., notes that had a traditional on-site building method been used, the project would have cost 20% – 30% more and the building would take an extra 8 months to be completed.

David Cuttler, President of Keiser Homes says of the project: “Keiser Industries is excited to see the On The River Resort project come to fruition. The project required tedious coordination between owners, designers and builders across two continents. The result is a finished project, on time and within an aggressive budget. The building season in Vermont is short, much like in Maine, making modular construction an obvious choice.”

The project was started on March 25th of this year and is scheduled to be occupied by September 1st.

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