Friday, May 10, 2013

Monthly Modular Home Builder Meetings a Growing Success

Just after the first of the year a modular home builder contacted me and asked if we could meet and discuss the state of the modular industry today compared to what it was prior to 2008. The fellow I met was a veteran of the modular industry in Maryland and what I thought would be a hour meeting over breakfast turned out to be three hours.

Maybe this is the real reason the builders show up for the monthly breakfast meeting
The questions he asked ranged from how have modular factories changed the way they do business today to financing the buyer and even using social media to find new prospects. It was apparent to me that if he, a 30 year plus veteran of our industry, is looking for answers, there must be others.

I went back to my office and wondered what the reaction would be if I got a few builders together the next month and talked about all things modular. I asked several modular home builders within a four state area if they would like to meet for breakfast once a month and have an open forum about all things modular.

I knew that I had to limit the meetings to 6 builders because any more than that would not have the small group feel I was looking for. I also wanted to use this group discussion to write more articles about our industry. Boy, did I get my eyes opened.

I only have two rules when we meet. No factory bashing and no spitting on the floor. Anything else is fair game.

One of the first meetings had a consultant who was former modular home factory executive learning just what the builders were looking from their looking for from their factories. Eye opening comes to mind.

Another month had Tom Hardiman, executive director for the MBSA attending. Putting the builders and Tom together furthered a better understanding that the residential modular housing builder has been left out in the cold by the industry and Tom explained what the MBSA is doing to help. He also was surprised by the frankness of the discussions.

This past Wednesday's breakfast meeting, two of the lenders from a large regional bank were invited to listen to what modular home builders were looking for when is comes to things like draw schedules, lending practices and a myriad of other topics related to financing. The lenders learned first hand what hurts the modular home builder in particular and told the group that their bank was already working on a modular financing program and with the information they got at the breakfast meeting, they were going back and make it to better.

As one of the builders said this week, "nobody is going to come forward and help the modular home builder, so we have to do it ourselves and meetings like this are the answer."

If you would like to know more about how to organize this type of meeting or would like help getting one started in your area, simply email me....Modcoach

If you are a builder in MD, VA, PA, WV or DC and would like to attend one of these breakfast meetings, simply let me know and we'll get you included.

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