Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cardinal Homes Welcomes New Owner

Chip Lofton recently bought controlling interest in CardinalHomes, located in Wylilies, VA. 

Chip knows his way around construction.  Raised in Louisiana and Mississippi, his career spans framing (large framing crews) and fire restoration. 

Chip Lofton
He founded Strutmasters and grew it to a multimillion dollar operation.  He liked what he saw in Cardinal Homes and the prospects for growth over the coming years. 
“Cardinal builds an excellent home and I am pleased to be driving the company forward as the housing market revitalizes. We intend to strengthen capitalization and invest in increased capabilities for our builders and retail clients” said Mr. Lofton.
Bret Bernache has owned the company since 1992 and is delighted to have Mr. Lofton take over the reins.  Some of his first changes will be improving production and expanding the builder base in northern VA and into the Carolinas.

Good luck Chip!

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Anonymous said...

Very Nice to see new blood in our industry. Perhaps Chip will show some of the old dogs some new tricks. Show that you can build pure home at a fair price and you won't need to sell CRM programs and require builders to purchase cases of beer from your micro-brewery.