Friday, July 26, 2013

A Blog about the Ups and Downs of Building a Modular Home

I came across this blog a few months ago and have watched the progress of a family selling their home, buying land, choosing a builder and a modular home factory.  There are lots of other blogs about people building a modular home but they usually only have a couple of entries and then dry up and go away.  Not this one.

As you read through the blog, which is still an ongoing project, you will notice the biggest delays are caused by utilities and government agencies. The house was built by Commodore of Indiana.

Heather (the blog's author) and her family

Enjoy one of the best examples of the ups and downs of home building, the excitement of seeing their home being built in the factory as well as the thrill of delivery day.

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Daryl @ Cape Coral new homes said...

Heather's story is probably like a lot of other people's story who have built a modular home or a non-modular home. The journey of building does take a significant amount of time and everyone goes through ups and downs along the way. This is a great read for someone who is preparing to build to get an idea of what to expect during the process.