Monday, July 8, 2013

Bright Built Homes - A New Breed of Modular Home Builder

Watching the modular housing industry over the years, I've seen a lot of new companies come along acting like they are a modular home factory but in reality, they are just home builders. New World Homes comes to mind as one of the earliest proponents of this marketing technique.

Then we started to hear about a woman, Michelle Kauffman, on the West Coast that said she founded the prefab movement. She is an Architect that designed the original Breeze House and had it built for her in a modular factory. However when she tried to start her own factory, she fell flat on her face.

Now I've come across a very good looking company that is design oriented in its approach to selling modular homes. At first I thought I might have found a new factory that opened in Maine but after visiting their website, I found the latest and perhaps the best idea so far for a design company to market modular homes. Welcome to Bright Built Home of Maine.

The website is clean, easy to navigate and prominently features modular construction. They also feature net-zero and East Coast pricing. Prices start at less than $200 a sq ft.

Their homes are built by Keiser Homes in Maine and actually tell you that on their website.

If you a modular home builder, you might want to take a look at a website that makes people want to do business. Architects and designers becoming builders - the new way to modular homes.


Anonymous said...


Can you share more info on the relationship between BrightBuilt and Keiser? Is BrightBuilt so new that they are just emphasizing Keiser, or is their a tighter relationship?

Coach said...

From what I can only assume from reading about them over the weekend, BrightBuilt is designing custom modular homes and Keiser has agreed to build homes to their specs. They are looking for factories in other parts of the country that would also build to BrightBuild specs. It's too new to know if they are on the right track but I hope it gets legs.

BrightBuilt Home said...

Hi Coach! BrightBuilt Home here. Yes, you're absolutely right - it is a happy collaboration between designers and our local modular partner, Keiser Homes (and their network of talented site-builders). Thank you so much for your support and interest in what we are doing. We do believe it has tremendous potential, in its coupling all of the advantages of modular construction with the high-performance strategies we are implementing in our custom-designed homes. Modular construction enables us to make these highly-efficient, comfortable homes accessible to a broader demographic. This, we think, is critical in the pursuit of building better, more environmentally friendly homes for everyone.
Again, thank you so much for your kind words. And yes, we are looking to build new partnerships in other regions of the US!

Anonymous said...

Is it accurate that there are three parties here: builder(Keiser), designer (BrightBuilt), and the manufacturer (unnamed)?

Is it accurate that the designer is replacing the manufacturer as the named brand? The manufacturer is kind of a private label?

Interesting concept.

Janet's Dad said...

I think the catalog of plans presented in this partnership are extremely well done and showcase the potential for factory builders (Keiser) and architects (Kaplan Thompson). The value that's been brought though design is evident and this must appeal to a segment of the market that is not usually going to go with a factory built home.

As usual Gary, I appreciate the gimlet eye you keep on the industry. The late Haven Homes was doing something *like* this, but not quite the same.

Much of the beauty people find in New England towns comes from being the products catalog architecture. Kaplan Thompson I hope will be recognized by the architecture industry for what they've done here. Good on you (both)!

BrightBuilt Home said...

Hello Again. BrightBuilt Home here again, with some feedback...

To Anonymous:
Technically, there are 3 parties, though 2 come to the table already inherently linked - the Manufacturer (Keiser), and one of their site builders (varies). BrightBuilt Home is partnered with Keiser, and therefore works directly with the site builder (with which, for a number of projects, we have already collaborated). Regarding branding, BrightBuilt does not supplant Keiser altogether (they still retain ownership of their work), but the BrightBuilt Home name provides name recognition for a specific line of homes that meet stringent benchmark performance criteria (and, generally, follow a certain design ethos).
Hope that addresses your questions!

And to Janet's Dad:
Thank you for your very kind words! Indeed, we are finding that the designs appeal to both individuals who might not otherwise entertain modular construction and individuals interested in high-end modular that has a more vernacular design framework.

Thanks to you both for your thoughtful questions and insights!