Thursday, July 18, 2013

Helicopters Setting Modular Homes?

Scott, one of my readers, sent this photo and asked if I knew where and when helicopters would have been used to set modular homes. Here is his email:

Hey, can I get some love on my helicopter mystery?

Can you circulate this image among your readers and find out who was using a freakin skycrane to set houses like this?  

I'd like to know who did this and when? This machine is incredibly rare, only a few were made in the non military version and looking from the trees in the photo this is in the North East US.  Are they building on a mountain where they can't get to it by truck?  

There is a backhoe in the image; did they fly that in also?  Is this a ski resort?  This photo is from something published in 1971. This photo is taken around the time of the Apollo landing - the USA was doing things that were unthinkable, and building a helicopter that could pick up stuff like this was one of those things.  

So ... who knows who, what, when, where and why? 

Thanks guys!


Ibgreen said...

Ahh, a vintage S-64 "flying crane". I have had people tell stories of an outfit in the 60's and 70's use some for remote deliveries of equipment. External payload capacity I believe is 20,000 lbs.

Anonymous said...

I was told that Mod Set out of Maine set a building on the Bush compound in Maine with a Helo.

Steve G said...

^^ ModSet told me that same thing. The set pricing they told me was in the $50K range for a similar helo set. No word if the Bush's paid that much!!