Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Homeway Homes Delivers for Black Hawk College

Black Hawk College in Moline, Il chose to go modular for their new student apartment building. 

Existing Student Housing
The modular units were built off-site by Homeway Homes and transported to campus on trailers. Doors, windows, counters, sinks and showers are already installed and each 12 to 16 foot block will eventually be a part of the new facility at Black Hawk called 'The Villas.'

New Student Housing from Homeway waiting to be unwrapped and set
Representatives say putting the apartment together in this modular style was not only convenient but eco-friendly.

"It's a lot more energy efficient building them with Homeway and building them in pods, versus stick building which is what you usually see," said Danielle Boulton, area manager for The Villas. "And they're a lot more sound proof when we do it this way."

The $5.7 million project will be completed just in time for move-in the week before school starts. The apartments will be fully furnished with access to a campus club house with a 24-hour fitness center and on-site laundry.

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Anonymous said...

Apartments, Dorms and Hotels. There cannot be 3 more tailor made products to have constructed using modular techniques. Why more colleges do not see this way to attain revenue earlier on with less campus disruption is a mystery.