Wednesday, July 31, 2013

MBSA Picture Update

Here is an update on the picture of the founders of the IHMA (MBSA) from 1977. If you know any other faces in the crowd, use the comment section to let me know.  CLICK HERE to read the original article.

Seated from left: Joe Cimakoski, DeLuxe; Morgan Edwards, Chuck Ballard, Haven Homes
Standing: unknown; Don Meske, DeLuxe, Guy Miller, Keystone Homes; Tom Saltsgiver, Muncy; unknown; unknown
Missing from photo: Ralph Michael, Foremost Homes

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Anonymous said...

Standing on Left might be Herb Parker? Recollection was this was not a manufacturer, but rather someone that was (would be) working for IHMA.
Standing on Right, one or both, might be with Ritz Craft. Paul R. John, Don Ritzenthaler, Glenn Cunningham, Bob Roney?