Monday, July 22, 2013

New "Builders" Section Opens on Modular Home Builder

In my own little way to help promote both the modular home factory and their authorized builders, I have started a new section at the top of every page called "Builders."

Clicking on this label will bring up the latest articles written on Modular Home Builder about the 'boots on the ground' builders that are the life blood of our industry. I want to showcase their efforts by giving them their own section.

If you are a modular home builder and would like to have your company mentioned in an article, simply take out your camera, snap a few shoots of your home being set, finished or completed along with a short description of the house or project and it will miraculously appear on this blog. I will add links to your website and even list your email address if you wish.

Simply email me your information.

And the cost for this is FREE! 

1 comment:

Display Homes said...

Thank you for providing that field for promotion of builders.
I will surely send images.