Tuesday, July 16, 2013

SpineLock Launches New Modular Factory

In what can only be called a unique way to build modular homes, SpineLock in Mansfield, England has developed a new concept. I'm not sure just what makes it different but it is. I've watched their videos and visited the website without getting any hints into the company.

CLICK HERE to read the Coventry Telegraph article about SpineLock.

In this first video, a SpineLock home is being set and from the way they set the first second story module, I can't for the life of me understand how the 4th module in this 2 story home was set. If you know, how about sharing it with the rest of us.

The second video shows the completed home with all modules set. I am not wild about how the finished exterior walls come together and the brick on the back of the house look terrible.


Anonymous said...

Is this better than folding?

Ibgreen said...

Kind of reminds me of those 2-story Fleetwood models that were on M.H. lots years ago. I am to assume that they use a special flashing around the perimeter between the first and second floor? That back wall looks like a Flemmish bond pattern. Me thinks Coach should be hired as a consultant.............

Anonymous said...

I think Coach found a new target to go after. Sorry Blu Homes, you're old news now.