Friday, July 19, 2013

Using Prefab Wooden Panels in Skyscrapers

Building a skyscraper? Forget about steel and concrete, says architect Michael Green, and build it out of … wood. As he details in this intriguing talk, it's not only possible to build safe wooden structures up to 30 stories tall (and, he hopes, higher), it's necessary.

Michael Green wants to solve architecture’s biggest challenge -- meeting worldwide housing demand without increasing carbon emissions -- by building with carbon-sequestering wood instead of concrete and steel.

Here is his TED talk about why we should consider panelized, prefab wood in new skyscrapers.

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Ibgreen said...

Great concept. I wish him all the success in the world. Not that I am one to buy into all the carbon sequestration angle, I just think that if innovation and efficiency are embraced more by the general public, it will only help the modular industry. Clearly blu homes does not care about the environment by using those evil steel frames that allow their homes to fold. J/K.