Thursday, August 1, 2013

Excel Homes Helps Developer Improve Revenue Stream

Where others see just a big old building, the Carr family, developers of Walnut Place Residences, see an opportunity to build 12 apartments. The former Duralectra building in Natick, MA was leveled and 27 modules were recently set on the site.

This building in Natick, MA was torn down to make way for a 12 unit apartment building

It took three days to set the modules and will take approximately 3 months to complete and ready for tenants.  The developer said that if this apartment building would have been site built, would have taken up to a year.

If you are a developer looking to cut the lead time for getting a revenue stream started on your next multi-family project, check out modular construction.

Excel Homes in Liverpool, PA produced the modules and shipped them to the site. 

An Example of an Excel Built Apartment Complex

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