Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Major NJ Developer Uses Modular to Complete Home 28 days

Westrum Homes is a major developer in PA and NJ helping the victims of Hurricane Sandy rebuild their lives and their homes. The company founded by John Westrum over 25 years ago has a stellar reputation for building nice homes.

Imagine for a moment what Mr.Westrum's reaction would have been back then if someone told him he could build an entire completed house on a vacant lot in 28 days. Well, imagine no longer. With a home supplied by Simplex Homes in PA, that is exactly what happened...and they have the video to prove it.

Sit back and enjoy watching why modular housing is the best way to build.

Gotta Luv Modular!


Anonymous said...

You are correct, much faster to complete an all electric house like this one - shame electric heat and all electric house so expensive to operate in NJ

Anonymous said...

First, nice job Westrum/Simplex!

To commenter; Not sure how electric vs gas or other utility types would change how long it takes to build the home.

My comment is the video virtually proves this home was not completed in 28 days as claimed (siding not completed at end of 28th day and who knows how much else). Also there is no way that the design, engineering and manufacturing occurred in that same 28 days, so this is really not very accurate marketing and actually puts a bad taste in the mouth of lots of people when they find out that it cannot be done.

Anonymous said...

28 DAYS WOW !! Really?? just why is a headline If my guys can't finish an electric heated house in that time I need a new crew!!

Anonymous said...

I was intrigued by this story so I went to see the home for myself on Sunday, August 11th, which was (4) days after the story date. Sadly, this Westrum model was not anywhere near completed nor ready for final inspections. Yes, the outside may appear to be complete but the home interior and utilities are not. The sheetrock was not complete, the water line was rolled up at the curb and not connected and the electric was sorta rigged from a temporary job service to the home . Apparently Seaside Heights Boro has their own electric utility company that permits this practice. This home has all electric heat and hot water which is not popular in New Jersey. I asked someone why the home was all electric and was told it takes about (6) weeks in New Jersey to have a new gas service installed and they did not want to wait. Unfortunately the gas service can’t be applied for until the foundation or piling system is installed. According to my math, that is (42) days for just the gas service. Almost every other home is this area has gas service - I believe that may answer Commenter’s #2 question in regard to Commenter #1’s statement.

I have to agree 100% with Commenter #2 - this home was not completed in (28) days and it is very misleading to the public for the builder to make this claim. Westrum will have some very unhappy clients when their homes are not completed within a (28) day period. Their inaccurate claim is a disservice to the entire modular industry during this Post Sandy recovery period. The Toms River Building Dept. performs all the building inspections for Ortley Beach. The Toms River Building Dept. Is advising to allow (1) to (2) weeks for each required inspection (depending on the work load at the time). They stated that the average modular home would require about (10) inspections. You do the math.