Tuesday, August 13, 2013

MBSA’s Quick Action Saves Members Money in Connecticut

MBSA was recently made aware of an issue concerning modular buildings being transported through Connecticut.  The state was undergoing road construction over a two week period and with no notice, manufacturers were told they had three options for transporting units:

1) Wait until after construction to transport
2) Hire two off-duty police escorts per shipment at a minimum cost of $880 per shipment
3) Go around Connecticut via the Massachusetts Turnpike at a cost of roughly $1000 per shipment

MBSA informed the Connecticut Supervisor for Permits that those options were not sufficient for the industry and that another solution was needed. The Department revised their requirements to allow each shipment to pass with two escorts (not police escorts) within limited travel hours.  

The industry had approximately 50 shipments scheduled through the State during the construction period, and this action saved each company about $500 per shipment.  Special thanks to Ritz-Craft Corporation for calling this issue to our attention and leading the charge! 

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