Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Modular Builder Scores Referral Letter Before the House is Built!

When Christine Wallace of Carlsbad, CA wanted to build a new home for her family, she looked at many options before choosing US Modular.

Christine Wallace and family

Rendering of their new US Modular home
Builders are always trying to get referrals from their customers after the house is finished and the people are happy but how many of us have ever gotten a referral letter before the house was even started?

I could tell you that she loved the design and costing process but I think the letter she wrote to Todd Kessler, President of US Modular Homes, does it so much better.

Building my own custom home has always been a dream of mine, but I never pursued it because I thought that it would be a long, expensive and stressful process. That was before I heard of USModular, Inc. and met with Todd Kesseler.
I have been so pleased at how relatively easy and stress free this process has been!
 Working with Todd has been really easy; he is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, very prompt in his replies and a genuinely nice guy! Working with Bill Cavanaugh on the design has also been a great experience. Bill is also really easy to talk to, patient and really helpful in assisting me design the layout, and all the finishes for my custom home.
I always feel like whatever my question or concern, the team at USModular genuinely care that I am happy with the process and results, and they have made this process really easy!
 Christine Wallace

Gotta Luv Modular!


Anonymous said...

US Modular asks their clients for a letter of recommendation before construction is complete.

Stephanie Burroughs said...

This letter was sent voluntarily.