Friday, September 27, 2013

Blu Homes Not the First Factory to Sell Folding Houses

Blu Homes may be today's only factory building folding homes but they are definitely not the first.  In fact, another factory, Cardinal Homes in VA was building them long before some goofball investor ponied up $60 million dollars to help Blu's marketing effort.

Cardinal was not the only modular company to try and bring a folding home to market but they are the only ones I have found that still have sales sheets of their homes. I have no idea how much they cost back in the the day but I'm sure they weren't $300 a sq ft like today's folding homes.

Here is what Cardinal Homes used to build before they got into building the beautiful custom modular homes they are known for today:

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Anonymous said...

Coach, I think that Blu's investors (who might be having the blues now) have ponied up more like $130million. I wonder if this folding tech that they tout is an ominous sign for the business?