Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Modular Home Company a Complete Mystery to Many

Genius Superior Homes in Miami, FL recently put up two websites for their new homes.

One site is for the home they produce called the Genius Box. I talked with the owner who said that Clayton Homes was building his homes. I checked everywhere and could not find a single finished and sold Genius Box house but I may not have been looking in the right places.

Genius Box Homes

The pictures of homes on the website appear to all be CAD renderings. Has anyone actually seen a Genius Box house?

The second website, Genius Superior Homes, is what really caught my eye. It is an effort to bring in builders, investors and developers to their homes. Pictures include homes that appear at first glance to other factory's homes. There is a ton of clip art and photos that were lifted off the Internet and is jam packed with promises but not much else. There are pictures of high rise buildings, beautiful homes and very interesting claims about their energy saving features.

Here is a quote from their website:
GeniuSuperior™ Homes are custom designed "Master Pieces" built to the highest specifications with factory engineered designer  components. Act of God & Human Resilient,  Off-the-Grid Ready Luxury starting at just $55/sq. ft.

Genius Superior Homes

Has anyone talked to the people at Genius Superior homes or Genius Box? If you have, please leave a comment.


Builder Bob said...

I visited both sites and I can't believe what I read. This sounds like a scam instead of a legitimate business.

I wonder how long it will take for an investor to give them $60,000,000.

Ibgreen said...

Does sound as if they are trolling for "straw buyers".

AJH said...

Google press releases for this group. You will see that all they have done is build some portable class room and office trailers. Looks to be scam advertisement to lure in prospects that they can't service due to lack of experience...I wonder where they got all the nice pictures from??? If I were a legitimate company building that kind of product I would sure have some press releases promoting it...

DiV said...

The fact that they are showing really dated pictures from who knows what mod or "hudular" company's pictures is telling.
Really? No one is interested in plant shelves and valances...looks lie an ignorant marketing scam.

Harris said...

At what point does Clayton - if in fact they actually build for them - cut ties with these people? If not for outright misrepresentation, just for the pathetic attempt at self-promotion on their website.

Genius? Really?

Anonymous said...

Just got off the phone with "Steve" in Florida (who answered the number provided on the website). We also thought it looked fishy but wanted to find out more. We asked him where we could go see a house that had been built. He said there was one near Destin, Fl. (I'm in Maryland) "Great!" I said. "My sister is a realtor right in that area and I'll send her over to take a look at it. Give me the address." "Not so fast," Steve tells us, "if you want to do business with me then you come, don't send your sister." I asked what if she wanted to buy a house, why is the location such a secret. He got upset and hung up on me. Definitely a SCAM!

Anonymous said...

We visited the 4 bedroom home on Navarre Beach, Fl (Sound Side) April of 2014. Sorry we can't remember the street, but it's there. It was very nice and was priced at $399K. Seemed like a great deal if Navarre is where you'd like to live. The house was beautiful. We are seriously considering using them for our next home builder.

Anonymous said...

To begin with looking at all his sites, you know the saying too good to be true. Then I found out his real name was Stephan Schurmann who is a con man. The way it works is:
He puts up many fake sites
Gets your info
Gets your Money
Moves on takes down the site and says you broke the contract?
He then uses your name to open up new sites and starts a new fake company with fake names.
GOOGLE STEPHAN SCHURMANN, STEVE SHERMAN, Steve Shurman and you will find pages and pages of people who post all his cons.

kaycee said...

Steve Sherman is a Scam artist who was deported from the USA in 2016. Scammed his "partner" C.A. for at least $250,000 who scammed me via 6 unsecured credit cards for $90,000 and I believe another one or 2 other dupes with similar credit card scams.