Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Obscure Government Report Surfaces About Modular Housing Industry

Scott, one of my loyal readers, who has been a wealth of all things modular in the past just sent me a report from the USDA Forest Service Department comparing US modular home factories with German modular factories.

Published in 2009, it describes individual factories giving backgrounds of each, the conditions and efficiency of each one along with a brief history of how they started. Unfortunately, the report only identifies them by letters.

My favorite part is where it mentions that modular home construction will be 90% of all new home starts by 2020. The industry will never reach that as it continues to not promote the advantages of modular.

The 53 page report is filled with pictures of walls, floors, machinery and various other things.

If you know which factory is which, drop me a line on the comment section. Somebody has to know the factory names.

Click on the Cover to download the entire Report:


Ibgreen said...

Plant A is Handcrafted Himes

Builder Bob said...

I think Plant B is Excel Homes, Plant C is Ritz Craft and Plant E is a Champion homes factory.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing, interesting stuff. I posted a link to your blog on our Triumph Modular social media pages.

Anonymous said...

Coach, I guess that the modular factory people are going to have to get the the lead out of their collective asses if modular is going to be 90% of all new home construction by 2020.