Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Triumph Modular Earns GOLD for New 15,000 sq ft Housing Project

Triumph Modular, in Littleton, MA, has one of the best modular factory blogs I've read. Janet Field writes and manages it. Her articles are interesting and they are not all about her factory. A lot of the articles are topics that effect everyone in our business.

Here is her latest article about one of Triumph Modular's Gold LEED projects:
Take a photographic tour from foundation to completion of Triumph Modular’s just completed 15,000 square foot, 12-unit housing project. The project was designed and bid as modular in an effort to save time and money. In the design phase the project team sought a LEED Silver level certification, yet in the end through the efforts of the project team as well as the lean practices intrinsic to the modular process, LEED Gold was achieved!

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