Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Big Sky Custom Homes and Westchester May Have First Certified Passivhaus in NJ

The first house to win Passivhaus certification in New Jersey could turn out to be a modular home under construction in Teaneck, NJ.

The four modular units that make up the 2,300-square-foot home were constructed by Westchester Modular Homes and craned into place in mid-October. 

Big Sky Custom Homes, the general contractor, is now framing the roof, building a porch, and taking care of other details. The owners, Lenny Moskowitz and his wife Deborah Teplow, hope to move in by early January.


Harris said...

Excellent. More proof that the modular industry can and should brand itself as the green/high performance building alternative.

Green building is owned by no one. The brass ring is there for the taking. Who will take it?

Toyota was first to market with the Prius hybrid. Now they totally dominate the segment.

Will our industry step up and take the prize?

Unknown said...

While Westchester Modular Homes did a good job constructing and shipping our home's four modules, we unfortunately had a bad experience with their local builder: Big Sky Customs Homes LLC and its sole owner Robert Caruso. They didn't do what they committed to do in our contract, and cost us tens of thousands of dollars and a very delayed completion of our new home. We ended up taking them to binding arbitration and won a judgment against them, which they then ignored. We had to take the judgment to NJ State Superior Court.

This is not a happy story. I definitely can't recommend them.

Len Moskowitz said...

Google reports that Big Sky Custom Homes LLC is permanently closed.