Friday, October 11, 2013

Blu Homes Arrives in Colorado with a "Unique" House

I can't believe what Blu Homes has done with all those millions they got from the investors that actually believe Blu Homes is the next best thing in housing. You would think that they would be working night and day on designing great homes with unmistakable designs that people would know immediately that these were Blu Homes houses.

Well, they did work on a new design...for them!  It is a 1960's looking two story colonial that they are going to offer in Colorado which I hear is a real hotbed for two story center hall colonials.  LOL!

Check out the newest design that their $60 million Architect squad came up with and then read the press release that goes with it. I couldn't possibly make this stuff up any better if I tried.

2 Story Lofthouse by Blu Homes

Blu® Homes and McStain Neighborhoods® To Offer Green Homes in Colorado

Blu Homes and McStain Team Up in Lafayette and Niwot, Colorado; Build First Blu Lofthouse® in the State

SAN FRANCISCO, WALTHAM, MA and LAFAYETTE, CO — October 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — As part of its expanding developer initiative, Blu® Homes, Inc. (“Blu”), a builder of beautiful, precision-engineered, green homes, announced today that it is working with McStain Neighborhoods® (“McStain”), a Colorado-based green builder of sustainable communities, to build a Discovery Home at Indian Peaks South in Lafayette, Colorado. Blu Homes and McStain will also collaborate at the Triple Crown Meadows community in Niwot, Colorado later this year.
To kick off the project, Blu ( and McStain ( will build a new Discovery home in the Indian Peaks Southneighborhood. The 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 1,966 square foot Lofthouse with a 900+ square foot finished lower level is scheduled to open for public tours starting in the spring of 2014, and will serve as the introduction of Blu’s eco-friendly and energy-efficient home designs in the Boulder County community.
The award-winning Indian Peaks South neighborhood incorporates over 300 home sites intertwined with miles of walking trails, pathways, pocket parks, community gathering areas and other outdoor features. The Indian Peaks South neighborhood is located in the centralized, southern corridor of Boulder County, which offers a close commute into the City of Boulder, Denver Metro area and Colorado Front Range.
The Discovery Home, which is inspired by Blu’s Lofthouse, has the look and feel of a renovated farmhouse. It features a dramatic two-story living room with an overlooking loft space as well as two, three and four-bedroom floorplan options. The home has open or separate dining areas, and a multitude of interior and exterior finish options selected by the homeowner. This home will also feature a solar system as well as high ceilings to create a sun-drenched indoor environment that connects seamlessly with the outdoors.

The Triple Crown Meadows community features nine available lots in Niwot, with easy access to Boulder and Longmont, Colorado. McStain will offer ranch and two-story homes from their Classic Collection series home options and Blu Homes will offer a rustic version of its Breezehouse®.
The Classic Collection by McStain sets the standard for elegance in design, and provides a seamless balance between style and function. These homes offer front-loaded garages that are situated on prime, large lots and include upgrades typically found in more expensive homes. These spacious plans maximize livability by offering 2-7 bedrooms, plus dens, that are perfect for a growing family, while formal areas of the home complement the gourmet kitchens and are ideal for entertaining guests.
The exterior of the Breezehouse will feature a country rustic look, matching the style of the neighborhood. The interior will feature vaulted ceilings, three bedrooms and plenty of windows to invite the outdoors in.
Like all Blu Homes, the Discovery Home at Indian Peaks South and the Breezehouse at Triple Crown Meadows will be LEED-Silver certifiable, feature Energy Star® appliances and offer incredible strength, quality and durability for high performance in extreme weather conditions, including high snow loads.
Both Blu Homes and McStain are committed to providing environmentally conscious, energy-efficient homes and neighborhoods that capture the active, green lifestyles found in Colorado.
Brett Chisholm, Blu Homes’ VP of sales and customer experience, noted, “We’re excited about working with McStain for many reasons, including their strong track record and reputation for building beautiful, green neighborhoods that connect people to the outdoors. We’re pleased to merge our companies’ visions of bringing sustainable communities to Colorado.”
David Ware, CEO of McStain Neighborhoods echoed the sentiment, saying, “As a Colorado-based company, we’re proud to showcase new green innovations and technology to our home state. This alliance provides Blu and McStain homeowners a depth of green choices previously not available here, and we are excited to be moving the industry forward by providing new design options for sustainable homes.”
For more information on Blu Homes, Or, visit, follow Blu on Facebook ( and Twitter (@BluHomes).
For more information on McStain Neighborhoods,, follow McStain on Facebook ( and Twitter (@McStainneighbor).
About Blu Homes
Blu is the leading provider of beautiful and green precision-built prefab homes in North America. Blu’s inspired and nationally recognized homes are built in the company’s own 250,000-square-foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Vallejo, California and can be found from the East Coast to the Colorado Mountains and the Pacific Coast. Blu’s proprietary steel framing and building technology result in homes that are as strong as they are beautiful; ship efficiently; and are conveniently finished on site by our own teams. Learn more about Blu Homes
About McStain Neighborhoods
McStain Neighborhoods is a local, privately owned home builder known as the Colorado region’s premier green builder and developer of smart growth and thoughtful land planning. For more than 45 years,McStain has been the trusted leader in sustainable and energy-efficient construction. In addition to conserving energy, their mission is to build safe, comfortable, enduring homes and communities that create a sense of place, while having a minimal impact on the environment. As an Energy Star®certified builder, McStain builds more Energy Star
®homes than any other private Colorado homebuilder. Year over year, McStain homes save their owners more than 30% on utility bills, through such features as energy-saving lighting and appliances, tankless water heaters and high efficiency HVAC Systems to reduce energy consumption. For more information onMcStain Neighborhoods, visit


Builder Bob said...

I completely agree with Gary. If this is what they are passing off as the new look of modular they need to stop and get out of this business.

I've seen this house on every modular home factory site for decades and at 1/3 the price.

My advice to the owners of Blu Homes. Close the doors,take what is left of the $millions people threw at you, tell them you couldn't make it work, go to Hawaii, buy a house on the beach and retire.

Isn't that why you started Blu Homes anyway?

Anonymous said...

Aw come guys, leave them alone. They are doing their thing and everyone else is doing something different. Or maybe that's the problem? We think our way is the best way of doing things and they think theirs is. Could there be somehting in between that works for everyone. I know I would live to get my hands on 60 Million and I was more than jealous fo the fact that they did. I have a problem with their doing what they do. They obviously are not a great threat to the converntion wood frame modular industry, so libve and let live. But try to figure out how to get 60 million of our own!!!!

Anonymous said...

I commend Blu for finding a site built builder that has a house plan they are alreay offering and found a way to convince that builder to try offering the same product as an off site manufactured home. McStain is a very well respected builder in Boulder county Colorado. If Blu and McStain can make this work, it will help open the eyes of other stick builders in the area and bring business to other modular manufacturers.

Anonymous said...

This is the only website where I can find anything negative about Blu Homes and the comments are from their peers. Sounds like jealousy to me.

You guys are just a bunch of sore losers because they got almost a $100,000,000 from investors and you didn't. It's not their fault that you can't convince people to invest in a product that only a small handful of uber rich folks can afford or even want.

The folding house technologies that they use are cutting edge. The rest of you guys still use sticks and nails.

Anonymous said...

I'll echo some of the thoughts already posted . . . at least Blu Homes is trying to differentiate their product and create a market with innovation. Most of the other conventional modular factories simply hope and pray that they get a share of the rebounding housing market (and that others go out of business to decrease industry capacity).

Steve G said...

Coach, The Blu and McStain partnership is a VERY good thing for the communities in which they are building these projects. The key word being "communities"!! Walking trails, pocket parks, gathering areas for residents, etc...Small town feel but with all of the luxuries of state of the art design and close proximity to City-life. Exactly what more and more are asking for in housing; and why Niwot, CO and it's surrounding areas are considered some of the better US towns to live in, these days.

Blu Homes' unique vision of the future of sustainable, residential neighborhoods pairs well with McStain's focus on building energy conscious housing that fits a larger scale of budgets and homeowner design choices. Obviously something they felt was missing before their merge with Blu Homes.

The Lofthouse design that Blu and McStain are building as their Discovery Home in the Indian Peaks community, as well as the Breezehouse concept shown (going into the Triple Crown Meadows portfolio of homes), mix both company's design visions without going over the top and creating a niche neighborhood that caters to only ONE style of buyer. The models also fit in with the rustic landscape that makes up the outlying Boulder area. The models will allow their occupants to enjoy the feeling of the areas natural surroundings while also preserving them with dozens of standard and optional eco-friendly home features - already familiar to both companies.

I hope you all keep a close eye on the development of communities like these in the near future. Instead of looking down your nose at Blu Homes and their efforts to collaborate with outside the box developers such as McStain, open your eyes and see that forward thinking companies (like Blu)are the ones with vision to take us back...back to the time of knowing your neighbors, walking to the local farmers market, and fostering active outdoor lifestyles in our kids to get them away from the iPads, and Facebook and back into the real world of interacting face to face with one another. Not because they HAVE to but because they WANT to.