Sunday, October 27, 2013

Christie Acknowledges Mistakes and Delays in Rebuilding NJ

I wonder how any of us would react if in the course of one day, almost everything you loved and championed for was left in ruins. Even with proper planning and warning, New Jersey had no idea the magnitude of destruction Hurricane Sandy would have on the state.

I received a couple of comments telling me that as builders, they have not seen delays or problems with building in NJ and I must have my head up someplace dark. Sorry to tell those anonymous comment writers this but even Governor Chris Christie is now saying that mistakes were made by all parties involved including FEMA and the Fed.
"We've done everything we possibly can, and I think in the immediate aftermath did a very good job," Christie told the AP. "Since then, we've kind of been hostage to two situations, the delay in the aid itself and then what I call the 'Katrina factor,' which is the much more detailed and difficult rules surrounding the distribution of the aid."
Gov. Christie inspecting Sandy's aftermath

I don't completely agree with him that everything bad began in DC as there is also enough blame in state and local agencies to go around. Could he have done a better job, maybe. Can he step up and start holding local agencies, lenders and insurance to the pledges they gave him in the hours after Sandy hit? Damn right he should.

CLICK HERE to read the AP interview with Gov. Christie

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