Friday, October 25, 2013

Modular Home Builder is the Star in Homeowner's Detailed Video

Amy and Rich Costello's family built their cottage near the beach at Lavallette, NJ in 1948. They watched as Hurricane Sandy hit the area and after they returned to see their little home had been flooded and everything was ruined.

Rebuilding was their only real option and they approached Anthony Zarrilli at Zarrilli Homes in Brick, NJ to help them put up their new home. He is an authorized builder with Excel Modular Homes in Liverpool, PA.

The family created a video of the process from before the storm hit to just after the house was set and weathered in. This is Part 1.

It says a lot for a modular home builder when the homeowner uses a 14 minute video to showcase their new home. There is also a factory tour included in the video.

Congrats to Amy and Rich on a beautiful new home now setting high enough to weather anything Mother Nature throws at them.

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