Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Palm Harbor's Commercial Division Begins New Project in Texas

PH Commercial, the commercial division of Palm Harbor Homes, is responsible for building custom modular construction projects. They take on all kinds of jobs such as hotels, workforce housing, medical and education buildings, retail spaces, etc.

Not all their projects are huge; sometimes the smaller ones are just as rewarding like the one they are working on for the Alsatian Golf Club in Castroville, Texas.

The Alsatian Golf Club is set in the beautiful rolling hills of Castroville, covered in old oak trees, and being that it is just a 25 minute drive from downtown San Antonio, it’s a great place to get out of for the day.

Starting, by the end of the year, though, you’ll be able to enjoy all that Alsatian has to offer for more than just an afternoon. PH Commercial is currently working with a large team to build an incredible, high-end, luxury, RV resort on the golf course.

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