Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Woman Killed on I93 in NH by Loose Wheel on Modular Home Carrier

A tragedy occured on Interstate 93 in New Hampshire when a 40 year old woman lost her life when a wheel came off a tractor trailer hauling a modular home from Maine through NH. We've all seen tires coming off tractor trailers but this time there was no time to react.

State police said the tractor-trailer towing a modular home lost a wheel at about 8:10 a.m. September 19th, triggering the multi-car accident.

"A wheel from the trailer came loose," said state police Maj. Russ Conte. "The wheel traveled across the southbound lane, rebounded into the northbound lane and struck a state police vehicle."

Modular home factories and builders should expect changes to the laws concerning travel through parts of New England that will cause delays and added expense including additional fees and more escort vehicles.

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