Monday, November 25, 2013

7 Traits for the Successful Modular Home Factory Salesperson

There are traits that every successful modular home factory salesperson must have in their toolbox to have continuing success.  Here are 7 that will help.

Without these, you will find yourself picking only the low hanging fruit and builders are getting harder and more difficult to find.

To be a success in this industry, you must attempt to master these traits:

1.  BE PASSIONATE.  Average sales people will leave a business card and some literature and expect the prospect to be in awe of what they see and call for an appointment.  Like that will ever happen!  The passionate sales person will find ways to infect the prospect with curiosity about the product and want to make the appointment.  You can't fake it; the builder can spot that in a New York minute.  If you don't have passion for your product.....don't bother reading any further.  You'll always be looking for the low hanging fruit and that has been picked already.

2.  BE CREATIVE.  In order to get past the benchmark left by ordinary sales people, you've got to create something that is uniquely yours.  Strive to answer questions before they're asked, give your prospect a reason to stop and look, really look at you and your product and lastly find creative ways to handle objections.  Everyone can be creative; you just have to put some effort into it.

3.  BE EDUCATED.  With all the tools available to you, being educated on financing and mortgages, planning and zoning and anything Green is a requirement.  Sales people who continue to due business as they always have are going to be left in the dust of the educated.

4.  BE COMMITTED.  As you all know, it takes a long time to get a house under contract and built.  You must stay committed to the project no matter what stage it's in.

5. BE TENACIOUS.  Get up EVERY morning wanting to go to work.  Practice that "go get'em" attitude at all times. Don't let outside distractions like Twitter, Facebook or “Cute Puppies” websites keep you from working hard for your customer.

6.  BE TRUTHFUL.  If there is one thing that can turn off a prospect quickly, it's not being truthful when talking with them.  It is much easier to remember truthful statements than fabricated stories and answers. Have integrity during the sales process is biggest plus you can offer your prospects.  Customers will feel good when dealing with a truthful sales person.

7.   BE PROMPT.  If you tell a prospect that you will get back to them by tomorrow morning, get back with them.  If they ask a question, answer it.  If they know that you will be getting them the answers they need as quickly as possible, it will head off a lot of problems both during the sales process and the construction process.

Seven simple traits that you can acquire and use to achieve your personal goals.


George Morgan said...

Coach...there is a big #8...YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE...never rely on voice mail,, email,,,text...

whatever you do the builder has to be able to talk to you whenever necessary

text.. email...etc is great in getting information TO you and also pretty nice in getting quotes back to them...but they need a voice,,,they need the human contact...after all your a salesman / saleswoman not an electronic virtual presence.

Anonymous said...

If you must explain these rules to a sales person, their new, working for one of many PA companies making 29K or less + 1 percent comm.. Only a cheap company would hire a sales person like this and give them the handle of regional accounts manager.
GOOD GOD AMIGHTY, whats this hudular world coming to!