Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cardinal Homes Wins Top Jerry Rouleau Award for Modular Homes over 4,000 Sq Ft

Dan Hobbs and his crew at Cardinal Homes had something to prove to the Architect and the homeowner that they could take a custom 2 story, 8 module, 4,000 st ft home from initial design to occupancy in time to for the homeowner's strict deadline.

The finished home

The house on Cardinal's production line

Visiting Cardinal website will bring up a 14 minute video about how the Architect, builder, homeowner and Cardinal Homes worked together to make this happen

To make things worse than having a homeowner with a tight deadline, they also had to design the home with a 27' x 46' clear span open first floor without any dropped headers. My hat is off to everyone involved with that feat.

Here are the home's details as given to the NAHB that won Cardinal Homes the 2014 Jerry Rouleau Award for modular home over 4,000 sq ft:
‘Twenty Oaks’ stands on the Mississippi Gulf Coast as a soaring tribute to thoughtful design, detailed site work and the advantages of modular construction.
 Built by Crane Builders, the home was custom designed for a client who already owned the property.  The area was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina, but twenty magnificent Live Oaks withstood the onslaught.  Preservation of these splendid specimens governed all foundation work, transport and setting.
 The client engaged an architect who, in concert with the builder, developed the design to fit the objectives of the home.  The homeowner required:
·         That the home optimize the views of the Gulf Coast beach and water
·         That the home accommodate a large number of guests
·         That the home have outdoor living areas, as well as indoor entertaining spaces
·         That the home elevation be above Base Flood Elevation with an elevator from ground level to all floors
·         That the home be environmentally sensitive yet capable of withstanding hurricane wind and surge
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 The homeowner, an international buyer for a large retail operation, secured the furnishings abroad and shipped them back to the US.  Time was a critical factor; the homeowner planned a major event in the to-be-constructed home and the deadline was non-negotiable.
 The ultimate design consists of eight modules for a total of 4732 square feet.  The focal point of the home is the Great Room which spans three modules.  The owner’s bedroom and bath are downstairs along with the expansive entertainment areas.  The upstairs has five guest bedrooms and three baths, including a second master suite.

The structural design is technically elegant.  In order to withstand 140 mph wind loads (Exposure C), all modules for the second story were constructed using longitudinal trusses with LVL as the bottom chord.  This allows the modules to span the great room below while still meeting the wind loading requirements.
 The foundation is poured-in-place concrete columns.  Additional structure was added to bridge the spans and to allow slight cantilever in the areas surrounding the stairwell.  Wood-metal-wood composite assemblies provide additional strength in the perimeter railings and floor system.
 Cardinal delivered the home to the site using its own fleet.  At set, Cardinal drivers were on site to assist with module staging.  Further, Cardinal personnel provided technical guidance during the set.
 The home was completed on time and on budget.  The homeowner has been delighted with the home and has graciously permitted Cardinal to film a video of the finished home, the owner’s impressions and the comments of the architect and builder.  One of the comments was how ‘tight’ the home was; the architect noted the thermal integrity of the building envelope compared to site-built homes.  Also, the builder praised the cooperation with the Cardinal Homes team.

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