Friday, November 15, 2013

Nationwide Homes Using New Lumber Product for Homes Shipped to NJ

Eco Building Products, Inc, a manufacturer of treated wood products, announced today the supply of Eco Red Shield protected lumber for modular homes in the Hurricane Sandy rebuild.

Bruce Goodstein, President of Statewide Custom Modular Homes, has ordered seven modular homes from his Virginia-based producer, NationwideHomes, all of which are to be constructed out of Eco Red Shield protected lumber. Statewide Custom Modular Homes currently has under contract a total of seventy five homes with intentions to supply all of them utilizing Eco Red Shield Protection.

Steve Conboy, President/CEO, Eco Building Products, commented, "In a short amount of time we were successful in explaining to Bruce and his team the uses, benefits and logistics of embracing and using Eco Red Shield lumber. Until now nobody has done anything to protect the whole-house lumber package. Now that we are in the production phase, this new channel opportunity has been made possible by Eco's Affiliate in Virginia, supplying finished goods to Nationwide's factory also located in Virginia.

This first rate support as provided by Eco's business model will allow for a smooth transition away from raw lumber to Eco Red Shield protected lumber on all of Statewide's future modular business." Conboy further remarked, "Being that this is a rebuild, and perception is 9/10 of the law, Bruce and his team knew that to remain the leader in their market, they had to raise the bar and provide a superior product for their clients. In recent news, modular construction has received negative news with regards to structural performance and longevity when subjected to fire conditions.

Statewide's timely move to build with Eco Red Shield protected lumber now affords their customer's Eco's hallmark benefits of mold, termite, rot and value added fire protection. Recent web-based articles are circulating that highlight the fire dangers associated with modular homes and light-gauge construction. Bruce Goodstein and Statewide Homes have decided to switch to Eco Red Shield at all costs to ensure his modular homes are not included in that discussion."

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What is the upcharge for the lumber??