Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Signature Homes Sees "RED" in their Future

When John Paul Builders in NJ wanted Eco Red Shield lumber for their newest modular home, they told Signature Homes, their modular home factory in Moosic, PA. This lumber has several properties that make it a good alternative to the untreated lumber found in other modular homes including being a good fire retardant.

Vic DePhillips, President of Signature Homes, is always looking to integrate new products into his factory's option list and with Eco Red Shield he has turned his production floor red. If you are a new home builder, you might want to contact Signature to learn more about turning your next home RED.



Anonymous said...

This lumber must come from California Redwood trees. It really does look impressive on the production line. Good job guys.

Sheri Koones said...

Congrats to Signature for showing how prefabricators are trying to improve the construction of their houses and seeking innovative methods and materials.