Monday, December 30, 2013

Are You Ready to Build My New Home?

Dear Mr. Modular Home Builder,

I am looking at building a new home but I’m not sure what I need. We have 5 kids and sometimes my Mother in Law comes to stay. I prefer a ranch but a 2 story house might work too.

Each kid should have a bedroom with a bathroom, my wife and I need master bedroom with a TV room and master bath and a bedroom at the other end of the house for her mother.  I going to let you design a home that would fit our needs, just send it over by email along with detailed costs of everything. Use your best judgement.

I need to keep my yearly energy costs as low as possible so make sure you figure in the Net Zero stuff I read about on Facebook. I don’t think this will add much as your website site says that modular homes are energy efficient right from the factory.

By the way, we want to visit the factory as soon as possible to make sure that they know what we expect when they build it. Since my wife and I work all week, the only day that we can get there is on Sunday afternoon. Please make sure that all the people that will be working on our house are there as we only want to make one trip.

As our builder, contact each of our children and her Mother after the plans are done so that each can make the changes to it. There cannot be no extra charges for these changes as we are on a tight budget.

We currently rent our home but we think we found a lot to build on. Could you meet us there to help cut the brush so that we can see the entire lot from the road? You might want to bring your Bush Hog. If it doesn’t look nice after the stuff is cleared we have another lot that might suit us.

Yesterday I went to our bank to get a mortgage and they said to come back with some more information which I assume is a good thing because why would they want more information if they hadn’t already approved us? Our loan should be approved in about a week.

We are only going with a modular home because we saw on the Internet that they only cost about 80% of what a real house costs and since everything is built in the factory you don’t have much to do.

The Internet said I should get 3 builders to give me a price. I already talked to 2 other modular home builders and they said they were too busy to talk right now but that I should call you. You must be well respected.

I’ll be waiting on your call today. Remember, since the bank will give us the loan next week, I would like to be in the house in about a month as I only have to give a 30 day notice to my landlord.

Frank and Leslie M


Anonymous said...

Were you reading my email? You're not a real builder unless you have a file cabinet full of these people.

Harris said...

This email came in last night. I suppose the constant drumbeat that modular is so "cheap" makes this a reasonable request!

"Whomever it may concern,

My family and I have been contemplating a modular addition to our home and we are trying to find a ballpark estimate of what it would cost in our situation. Our home is a 2000 skyline, double wide built up on a piered Foundation. The addition we were considering would attach to the front of our home where the front door is situated and would be roughly 25' X 25'. There would be no bathrooms or anything. Just a large family room. I'm going to guess maybe 4 large windows and a sliding glass door. Thank you in advance.

Jessica T

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Anonymous said...

My favorite thing to do if I don't think the people can afford the house they asking about is to write the price on the floor plan and slide it across the table while I'm looking at their faces---YUP time to leave!!

Chuck SHDC said...

Been there, done that, got the T shirt. Just the shirt...