Saturday, December 7, 2013

Excel Homes Officially Buys Keiser Homes

As of Wednesday, Excel Modular Homes has acquired KeiserHomes and is expected to expand the business and hire more people to meet a growing demand throughout the Northeast.

 “Due to our growth, we needed additional capacity," Excel Homes President Phil Hickman said. "It just made sense for us to acquire Keiser Homes.”

The local business, which employs about 100, has been in operation for more than 20 years.

Hickman declined to discuss the purchase price. Production work began to shift from Excel Homes' Liverpool, Pa., plant to the Oxford plant about a month ago, he said.
He said he expects to retain local managers and employees.

Excel was founded in 1984 and is owned by Innovative Building Systems in Wexford, Pa. It has more than 800 employees, a sustained growth of 5 percent to 10 percent per year and has built more than 28,000 homes through its Excel, All American and Mod-U-Kraf manufacturing facilities. 

The company bought Keiser's machinery, trucks, trailers, equipment and customer list, and has an option to buy the 24-acre site on Route 121 within the next five years.
Vlachos said additional people are expected to be brought in to handle production that is just about double what Keiser Industries is doing now. The move will allow them to stay open through the winter.

Excel Homes is no stranger to the Maine modular-housing market. It has made modular buildings at its Pennsylvania production centers for Maine customers over the years. In 2008, it came close to purchasing the former Oxford Homes in Oxford after that business ceased operations in April of that year.

Excel Homes officials had hoped to reopen the Oxford Homes plant at that time under the Excel name and to bring 50 to 70 hourly and salaried jobs to the area, but the modular-housing market slump forced Excel to change plans.


Anonymous said...

Did not buy the building or land ??? Another Chelsea???

Coach said...

Today's Excel Homes is not the same company that acquired Chelsea Homes. Excel today is a well managed, financially secure part of IDBS, a group that includes All American Homes and Mod-U-Kraf.

A lot of modular companies are willing to sell their business and rent the buildings back to the new owners. It helps both sides.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no... Here they go again. Hahaha...

Anthony Zarrilli said...

Congratulations Excel-job well done! Great company with top notch service with a quality home. Good luck now and in the years to come. Being a modular builder for years and have delt with several in the past I can say they are the best in the business including but not limited to: quality, price point, specifications, customization, turnaround of homes AND plans, and ALWAYS working as a partner with their builders. GREAT Job Excel! Wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, we all know what happens to any modular plant when a concerted effort to build more product moves forward "Quality drops considerably" and it is the nature of the modular beast. Good Luck to anyone who purchases a home once they double production. I'll stick with the only systems built factory in the North East that was started 30 years ago by a Master Carpenter and he still running the plant today in upstate NY. Why? Bigger is never better, quality, integrity, and most of all knowledge of the building process speaks volumes. Show me an owner of a modular factory that has actually built homes for years with their own two hands and you may have a diamond in the rough.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:48;

I guess you would never buy a car from any of the leading manufacturers since the owners can't build a car with their own hands. And you would never buy an IPad because the owners can't build one with their own hands. And you would never buy a TV from... I think you get the point.

"Bigger is never better"? Are you insane? Some of the best companies in the world are some of the biggest!

This industry is in dire need of moving into the future. Excel and All American together seem like the only company dedicated to raising the standards of quality and building a company that can capitalize on leveraging the best practices of multiple factories across the country. A single factory building only a few homes a month will go the way of the buggy whip makers. How come people in this industry can't see this?

When I look at the builders like Anthony Zarrilli and others (like Dreamline) who are the leaders in their field and see them choosing Excel as their supplier of choice, then I know Excel is on the right path.

Anonymous said...

That comment is dangerously old fashioned. You'll have an oppertunity to prove your idea. You take the first house excel builds in Maine and bring it over to KBS, Epoch or Bill Lake and let us all know your answer.