Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tri-County Homes Produces an Excellent Marketing Video

Tri-County Homes in Shippenville, PA sent me this video and if every modular home builder could produce just one this nice, modular housing would have a larger share of the total residential housing market.

Not only did they produce a well done presentation on the entire house being built, they went the extra mile that most modular home builder don't even attempt. They show the finished home completed with furnishings and the exterior completed. I love the views from the loft area.

This kind of video is not hard to produce but the rewards for the builder are fantastic.

Great Job! Contact Terry Schmader of Tr-County Homes for more information about their homes and if you're a builder, ask him how he produced this type of video for your business.

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Harris said...

Thanks, Coach. Couldn't agree more that we all need to do our part to raise our brand. It really isn't that hard:

1. From your Windows PC launch Windows (Live) Moviemaker - it comes free with Windows.

2. Import pictures and even video.

3. Add credits and captions, music soundtrack, and fades.

4. Click "make movie".

Here's an example I just did with Moviemaker for a church group (done primarily for fund-raising):

Most builders don't know they have this software right under their noses. All they have to do is learn it or drag in their kid that spends most of his/her time online anyway!