Monday, January 6, 2014

Blu Homes Reportedly Did $60 Million in Sales in 2013

First, if Blu Homes did $60 million in sales in 2013 as recently reported, that would make them the largest non-HUD manufacturer of single family homes in the United States.

Lets all say this together:

"Blu Homes is the largest manufacturer of prefab modular homes in the US."

I know, you just can't say it without it sticking in your throat. But the proof is in this article from the North Bay Business Journal and you know that their reporter is on top of all things modular.

Monday, January 6, 2014, 7:00 am
Blu Homes expands in Vallejo as production doubles
Sales rose by 50% in 2013 to $60 million

VALLEJO — Blu Homes, which makes fold-out prebuilt homes, is expanding its design and manufacturing center on Mare Island to accommodate rapid growth in sales.

Blu Homes leased 117,000 square feet of warehouse and office space from Lennar Mare Island, including plans to build an office mezzanine in its existing 275,000-square-foot manufacturing plant building for the design and engineering teams, according to the company. The chief goal of this is said to be increasing collaboration and innovation by having manufacturing, engineering, product management, design and sales under one roof.

“Blu has built a world-class operations team, with a combined 100-plus years’ experience manufacturing thousands of homes a year,” said Maura McCarthy, vice president of strategic development. “With consumer interest in our premium line of prefab homes at an all-time high, Blu has ramped manufacturing operations in 2013 with the goal of building twice as many homes as 2012.”

Booked sales totaled $60 million in 2013, compared with $40 million in 2012, according to the company.


Anonymous said...

Wow. $60,000,000 in new home sales. That is astonishing.

if each home sold for $400,000 then they are building 3 homes a week. A tip of my hat to those folks.

Anonymous said...

More Blu news. How did Mr. & Mrs. Blu Homes miss their year end bookings number by 25% with less than 7 weeks to go in the year? What happened to sales doubling every year? If the homes are so sought after and custom finished why do they need a warehouse to store finished homes?

Anonymous said...

Here is the Booked Revenue Definition from Chron:

Booked Revenue:
Booked revenue considers all income recorded in the financial records. This includes both earned and unearned revenue. When the company makes a sale to a customer, it records, or books, the earned revenue into the financial records. When the company receives an interest or dividend payment from one of its investments, it records, or books, the unearned revenue into the financial records."

As suggested, "Booked Revenue" doesn't include & record just closed sales or homes built, but also anticipated income unearned.

Francis Greenawalt said...

Using the definition of "Booked Revenue" as explained by Anonymous 5:03 AM, does this mean payments by their investors is also "booked?" That would make a HUGE difference.

Anonymous said...

I just heard that Blu Homes built less than 20 homes last year. That would make each home $3,000,000.

Coach said...

It would be great if someone from Blu Homes would verify the number of homes produced in 2013. Being a private company, they are under no obligation to do so however but it would put a lot of speculating by readers to rest.