Monday, September 1, 2014

Another Ad Disaster by those HUD Home People

The modular housing industry is always trying to distance itself from being confused with single and double wide HUD homes. Well my friends, this is the type of ad you will NEVER see from a modular home builder.


Anonymous said...

Don't be so sure Coach. After all Palm Harbor is a dual provider.

Ron Herring said...

Shock and awww! The mentality of many is what can I keep. Notice that I did not say homeowner. Generally, home buyers are a little more savvy. But, then there are the takers after the foreclosure that spoils it all for the sincere. We must all be sincere about what we offer as perks to buy. How about relationships with the buyer and their comfort in knowing they can always contact you for service.Sell you reputation and then live up to it.

Anonymous said...

Lucky for us in Maryland, I believe the cowboy hat and used car sales-type pitch will create some "distance" between what we build and what they're selling. I hope!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the industry does many similar things from promoting 20-25% cost savings and marketing on price. Thus modular is thought of just like manufactured a commodity purchase based on meaningless square foot costs, "bogus buyer incentives" and "used car salesman" practices.

How about selling the "steak" instead of the "sizzle" or in Texas he is "all hat" and "no cattle"