Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hey Vancouver! Shipping Containers are Not Modular Houses

This is without a doubt the dumbest thing I have read in quite a while.

The City of Vancouver, BC in Canada, has issued a request for proposal for a company to build and install shipping container-sized modular housing units to 'temporarily' house the homeless.

They make it clear the plans are in the early stages and no site for the modular homes has been selected. But the type of unit, and its purpose, is spelled out — 150 sq ft, washroom and sleeping quarters but no kitchens and must be portable.

They also can't be ugly, according to Vancouver city Councillor Kerry Jang.

First of all, shipping containers converted to houses are NOT modular. They are shipping containers and nothing more. They will always look like shipping containers and no matter how much lipstick you put on them, they will remain ugly.

These are not ugly!  LOL

"People have the idea that these are Britco trailers or something like that. Let's be clear. They absolutely don't look like that at all," Jang said. "We want to make sure these units fit into the neighborhoods. That's not only good for the neighbors, but good for the people living there, so they feel like they are part of the community as well."

I can’t wait to see how the ‘neighbors’ react to shipping containers with no kitchens circling a building with a central kitchen will be received. All sorts of internment camps come to mind. This should be fun.

But the new plan for container homes would be a "temporary" solution said Jang, who envisions a homeless person or couple staying in a modular home for a year or two while waiting for permanent housing. The location of the homes, once selected, also wouldn't be permanent.

Now the visionaries of Vancouver want people to believe that these steel coffins with bathrooms, running water and electricity will only be temporary. Now that is a joke. The expense to put in utilities will be as much as the ugly shipping containers and you and I both know that once an expense like that is made, it is never undone.

Vancouver, this is a bad move. It would be better to actually look into purchasing true modular housing units as permanent shelters. And as a bonus...they are not ugly.


Tom Hardiman said...

This is definitely a topic to keep an eye on Gary. The ICC-ES recently approved a process for code officials to approve used shipping containers as building modules within the IBC and IRC.

Ugly or not, practical or not, the ICC has made it a bit easier to use these going forward.

josh said...

toms right gary. we are seeing this repurposing all over the world. there is an rsm from China (told you i busy) touting stuff like this. it is facinating.